About Us Your Colorado Health Insurance Brokers

As I sincerely hope we will have the opportunity to work together, it seems only right to let you know a little about me. My wife of 28 years and I live in Parker, Colorado, and are raising two amazing daughters. I have been in Colorado my entire adult life and consider it my home. Since 2008, my staff of Colorado health insurance brokers and I have dedicated ourselves to giving my clients the care and attention they deserve and have helped thousands of people find insurance solutions tailored to their needs. I am an Executive Sales leader and broker and I am a member of the Chairman’s Club. I am also a certified broker and an Enrollment Center with Connect for Health Colorado.

We offer a range of policies for individuals, families, & businesses

Providing Insurance Brokerage for Over 12 years

My approach to working with my clients is to start with a conversation to get a full picture of your circumstances, your needs, and your priorities, including doctor and prescription needs. Then I will roll up my sleeves and get right to work. I work with nationally recognized insurance companies to find you the quality, affordable insurance that you need and will ensure that you fully understand exactly what you are buying. I know how to crunch the numbers and show you HOW each plan affects your finances. My sole goal is to ensure that you are happy with your insurance decision when you buy it and when you need to use it.

Our No Fee Approach

There is NO FEE associated with my services. I receive my commission directly from the insurance companies, and you will pay the same price for your plan whether you buy it through me, the Health Insurance Exchange, or directly from an insurance carrier.

Our Customers

“Joel was so easy to talk to and he understood our needs as a couple that was looking to purchase a real insurance plan for health, vision, and dental. We were previously enrolled in a discount insurance program that wasn’t what we needed. Especially for hospital stays etc. I would recommend Joel and his staff to anyone.”

Jeff Goodwin

“Joel has been so helpful to our family. I am so grateful to his business for getting us the right insurance. He is very easy to talk to in person and answers all questions via email very quickly. Thank you for everything!

Andrea Fleming

“Joel saved my wife and I a couple hundred bucks a month. We’re self employed, so we were paying an arm and a leg through another company. Joel mapped a few things out for us, got us more coverage, and still saved us money. Greatly appreciate him and his teams services?”

Brent Ford